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Anyone and everyone can list their property on the MLS and have it turn up on the most popular property search sites. But you, dear homeowner, know there is much more to the buying and selling of a house. There are deep emotional ties to where call home, and often a lot of anxiety and stress around packing up memories and moving them to a new place – even if the move is a welcome and exciting one. It’s not like putting that Ikea sofa you’ve outgrown on Craigslist (of course, you could have deep emotional ties to an Ikea couch, I’m not going to judge). I understand that the ‘For Sale’ sign is more than a piece of wood. It represents your hopes, dreams, aspirations, and fears.  


My relationships with people and my integrity in those relationships inform everything I do. When we agree to collaborate on buying or selling your home, I put on my super-hero listening ears and activate my empathy utility belt. I want to hear what “home” means to you, what “exceptional service” means to you and what emotional and physical factors are at play before we pursue a real estate transaction. I’m going to put your comfort level above all else and know your housing style, neighborhood and lifestyle aspirations like I know my own. 

Strategy + Advocay

When you are buying and selling property in a competitive real estate market like Portland, it's hard to know what's a fair price, what may be coming down the pipeline or what you may need to compromise on to achieve a sale or homeownership. The guy or gal you get assigned from one of the big real estate search engines isn’t interested in all these factors and how they apply to your unique situation. They're more like the sales associate at the cash register in a big box store. If you’re selling, I’m going to keep you focused on moving toward your goal, in a realistic but super-nice way.


Through intentional and strategic planning and a robust instinct about market patterns and available buyers, I minimize additional showings and prolonged searching. By defining what you want upfront in functionality, emotional associations, and future goals, we avoid misunderstandings about how you want the process to flow and where you want to focus your efforts. Simplicity is often the biggest luxury we can give ourselves. Let me make realizing your dreams of home ownership simply beautiful and beautifully simple. 

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If you are looking for a high-quality realtor who will support you throughout the whole crazy process of buying and/or selling a home - Brian is your man!    

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