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It Takes a Village To Find Your Village

SIRVA Preferred Supplier


As a relocation guru for Nike executives, I work daily with people from all over the world. Let me help you discover which Portland Metro neighborhood fits your lifestyle and which home in it will meet your criteria. My process includes helping you: 

Define your tribe. What type of community do you like to surround yourself with and how do you see your community connections evolving in the next 5 – 10 years? This will inform what neighborhoods are your best fit.

Discover your priorities. How are you living now, and what do you want to change in your new home? Moving is a good time to address changes in priorities, home style preferences, and lifestyle aspirations. For instance:

o   When you come home, where’s your happy place? For some people, that’s turning around and going right back out again. For some, that’s the kitchen, for some that’s garage.

o   For couples, answers to these questions can be different. That’s why I talk with each member of the household separately and combine your goals.

Predict your future. Identify potential life-changing events that may be on your horizon in the next five years. Will you have a child ready to start school? Will you be an empty-nester? This will inform the style of the house and also the neighborhood you can grow with.

Uncover hidden investment potential. Are you an early adopter? Do you see yourself investing in a neighborhood where you can build community?

Make your housing love match. Then I align your goals with the Portland market so you can get the lifestyle you want and a home you love that’s in your budget.

Simple. Seamless. Stressless.

Once we find your new home, I am by your side to make the transaction as stress-free as possible, and protect your interests through the process. This includes:

Connecting you to the mortgage broker with best fit

Reviewing your loan terms and helping you understand the details as necessary

Arranging and overseeing all inspections and appraisals

Confirming the details of your escrow and other financial and housekeeping details

In this way, you can focus on your work and your family with the least amount of worry. 

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Throughout the whole process, Brian made it as stress-free as possible by communicating often (by phone, email, and text), quickly fixing any bumps in the road, and giving trustworthy advice without being pushy. It is clear that Brian and his whole Hasson team are experts at their job!    

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